patrick dean

Patrick Dean

writer, outdoor athlete, environmental activist


Patrick Dean’s first book, A WINDOW TO HEAVEN, reveals the riveting and unknown story of Hudson Stuck, an Episcopal priest who in 1913 led the first-ever summit of Denali, one of the world’s deadliest mountains. It is to be published by Pegasus Books in 2021.


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Patrick Dean lives, works, and plays in and around Monteagle, Tennessee. He has written speeches for Congressional candidates, taught inner-city high-school English, and earned a master’s degree in theology.

Since 2012, Patrick has been a free-lance writer, social-media content creator, and website designer. He is also the executive director of the Mountain Goat Trail Alliance, a nonprofit dedicated to creating a walking and cycling trail on a former railroad bed.

Patrick is a content ambassador for Territory Run Co.

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Email: Twitter: @patrickldean/ Facebook: @patrick.dean.18/ Instagram: @deansewanee