The Day After Election Day

Above: Trying to practice what I preach, at least some of the time. (Photo by Alex Berner-Coe)

These thoughts came to me after following a live blog of the presidential debate last night (don’t leave! They’re not about the debate!)…

It’s natural, I suppose, for us to identify with a candidate and to take a rooting interest as though the campaign for president were the SEC football game of the week. One can also argue that we are encouraged, by media-world, to do just that.

But if we detach ourselves from that emotional place, we might remember the following:

If Mr. Romney wins, there will still be people who:

- believe that local farmers’ markets are more vital than hedge funds;

- think that the best way to get around is by bicycle; and

- are convinced that our world can be greener, more just, and more sustainable.

And if Mr. Obama is reelected, there will still be:

- clear-cutting of old-growth forests;

- plastic in our oceans; and

- a rapidly warming planet.

So maybe it might be worthwhile to think less in terms of candidates, and more in terms of what we want to accomplish in this world, with these lives we are given.